A few good Monsters…

The dark wastes of Ustalav are home to many horrors. In many ways, you are some of those horrors. You are the Dread Riders. You were the most fearsome of soldiers of Duke Reichenbach. You accepted commissions into the Duke’s forces initially as common foot soldiers, but quickly rose through the ranks. You were part of a group of minor officers who supported the Duke in his bid for the throne of Ustalav in 5980 AR. When the coup failed, you were offered up as part of the criminal “conspiracy” to which the Duke claimed no knowledge. He ordered you and the rest of the officers killed. After an attempt at escape, you were all captured and laid at sword point before a mass grave. The last thing you remember is the feel of steel piercing your chest and being kicked backwards into the grave behind you.
Some force, malevolent or benign, brought you back. You dug your way out of the dozens of bodies around you and ambushed the few grave diggers left to finish up.
The Duke fled the country shortly after, on an extended “vacation”. You attempted to follow, but found yourself unable to leave the borders of Ustalav. Forced to remain while your killer fled, you turned your attentions to the country of Ustalav itself.
While the coup failed, it did weaken the overall military strength of the country. The current King, Marchand Devindor, has become a nervous man, virtually a recluse. He has sealed himself in the capital Caliphas. He also withdrew practically every armed forces the country had. The only areas still under guard are the railroad lines, the mines, and the cities itself.
This has left the outlying areas open to the predators of the night, and other supernatural monsters. With vengeance in your hearts and anger in your every step, you have set out to protect the commoners of the wastes of Ustalav, and drive back the forces of the night that have taken hold. Sometimes, the only thing that can stop a monster, is a worse one. And you aim to be the worst of them all.


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