The Ustalavian Job

A heist, a showdown, and a revelation.

After slaying the Witch and leaving town, you are visited by a familiar apparition. The translucent form of “Sonny” Ustav appears in your camp. He warms his hands over the fire, and rubs them together and offers a brief hello. He sits quietly, then speaks suddenly, as if he made a decision.
“Well, hell. Boys, I heard something ya’ll might be interested in. So, ol’ Baron Reichenbach, seems he has hisself some nest eggs all around the realm. And I found one of them. Trouble is, he is sending some of his men out to get it. And, well, one of the bastards is like us. Different, or cursed, or whatever. But it seems he is still working for the Baron, even though the Baron up and killed him. Anyway, he seems to be a nasty customer. I’d watch yourself. You guys are hard to kill, but if one of these other Cursed Folk off ya, and take a moment to dine on your soul, it is all over for you. For good. So, watch yourself around him. Calls his self Deadeye. And he is to the National Trust Bank of Lepidstadt. I thought you boys want wanna try and get there first, see if you can relieve the ol duke of some of his funds. Har!”
“Sonny” begins to fade into the night, and the last you hear of him is a final warning. “Don’t forget what I said about Deadeye. He is a damn foul bastard, but he does have some mojo. Watch your asses.”


Things went worse than they should have. Albeit they had no way of knowing that “Dead Eye” was none other than Gaiden, they couldn’t have been less prepared. To make matters worse he was one of them, a cursed Dread Rider.
At first he seemed to show as little hostility as possible, which was typical Gaiden in Jerich’s mind. The bastard was always jumping at the chance to spill blood, old tendancies die hard he supposed. Upon killing his initial body they soon discovered he took the form of a ghostly wraith that possessed and destroyed the mind of the living, it was definitely a terrible way to go. Even worse, he was able to send nearly a dozen wraith spawn into the nearby towns folk to do the same thing.
They fought the apparitions down to the last one, in the process Jerich lost his musket to a discharge, Brave’s soul was devoured by Gaiden which proved even one cursed can die, and the Dread Riders had to murder a dozen or so possessed townsfolk just to stop the wraithspawn in their tracks. Whether it be his sick sense of humor or what was left of his good nature, Gaiden decided to just up and leave after the majority of his wraithspawn was defeated. The Lepistadtians regarded the monsters as heroes(for the time being anyways).
On the plus side they still managed to get Reichenbach’s money.

The Ustalavian Job

Who knew that just charging in and killing the bad guy would be a bad idea? Okay, a really, really, stupendously bad idea. Seriously, who knew? Cause I want to eviscerate the motherf*&er! Next time, f#k the innocent bystanders I am going to kill that bastard. Again.

The Ustalavian Job

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