The Chronicles of our Monsters

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Story so far:

In a back county farming village children were disappearing from their homes. The monstrous PCs were given a quest to prevent the disappearance of more children. They investigated an “abandoned” house full of bandits, cleared the bandits out [at least temporarily] and chased off other bandits just south of there.

Later that same day the PCs were prevented from investigating the town’s most prosperous farm, and spent the night at the farm, witnessing a witch’s ritual from hiding. The following day the PCs confronted the witch, killing her and her compatriots.


The chornicler makes it all sound so clean. Of course the visions of the bandit I killed being sliced in half and what the witch looked like as I hacked her to pieces are probably a little graphic. Truer to the tone of what happend, though. Truthy. Not clean, though.

The Chronicles of our Monsters

“Make a noise I blow your head off.”

“Uh huh.”

Que Frankenstein monster kicking down the other door and slashing the bandit almost in half. At least you didn’t kill a defenseless crazed merchant woman. Bitch had my coat.

The Chronicles of our Monsters

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