Swamp Man - Rogue 3

Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
12 21 18 14 15 9
AC 20 31 hp Fort +4 Reflex +9 Will +6

Weapon is a racial attack, his own arm, counting as both club and sap.
It counts as +1 for attacks. Wearing +1 mithral chain shirt for 5 ac.


Rishu had a hard childhood. His very young mother left him and his father when he was 3 years old. The women who raised him were whomever his drunken father could con into sleeping with him. All of Rishu’s life his father spoke down to him, abusing him verbally. When Rishu was 9 he snuck in and killed his father, more out of spite then anger. After dragging his father into the wilderness to rot, he helped enough around town to survive.

Never contributing an inch more then required, and often less then asked, Rishu persisted. Rishu wanted to make a big name for himself in life, prospering from the efforts of others.

Rishu has little respect for those who drink and no respect at all for men who abuse women. Basically, he wants excuses to take from those he sees as easy victims. After his death he has decided to keep to his goal of making a big name for himself.


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